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The Florida Minor League Camp announces the dates for 2014. The Florida Minor League Camp will take place from February 1-13, 2014 in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. The success of last year's inaugural camp, where 73% of the players that attended, played professional baseball the summer of 2013. This instruction based camp is a limited space camp to insure that the player gets the best individual instruction possible with the best professional baseball teachers out there giving you the greatest value for your hard earned money. The goal here is to get you better and get you a job at the end of the camp. However this is a great place to learn and get better and be seen by affiliated teams even if you are under contract as well. Remember not to delay signing up as we will not oversell this program. I will personally see you to it will leave us better in all facets of your game then when you arrived. This is my promise to you.

Nick Belmonte
Owner/Director Florida Minor League Camp

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If you want to meet great human being

“If you want to meet great human being, a great teacher of the game, and have a great experience, you have to get yourself to Nick Belmonte’s Florida Minor League Camp. This is a tremendous value for your Career.” – …


Nick Belmonte helped me get started in my pro career

Nick Belmonte helped me get started in my pro career when I wasn’t drafted in ’93. I definitely recommend those that have the dream I had back then, attend this Florida Minor league Camp and let him help you start …


Concept of the Florida Minor League Camp

I have gotten over 900 players contracts in the last 7 years, with that in mind I have put together a camp that will be heavy on instruction for the “pro level” player combined with playing opportunities for the future. …