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2015 Florida Minor League Camp shortstop Daniel Bick Named Number 10 Indy Prospect by Baseball America


October 16, 2015, Ottawa, ON – Fans of the Ottawa Champions saw how valuable Daniel Bick was at the shortstop position during the 2015 season, and it turns out Baseball America shares that view. The publication has ranked the 23-year-old from Alpharetta, Georgia 10th on its annual list of the top independent prospects, one of only two Can-Am League players in the Top 10.

"We are proud of what Daniel has done and are excited about his future” said Florida Minor League Camp founder, Nick Belmonte. “He was like a sponge last year at our camp, soaking up all the knowledge our great instructors taught".

The Florida Minor League Camp gave me the ability to showcase my skills in front of great instructors” said Bick. “The Florida Minor League Camp is an opportunity you don’t want to miss," he added.

Bick batted .259 with one homerun and 22 RBI in 66 games for the Champions, but it was his defense that really opened the eyes of teammates, coaches, and fans.

Florida Minor League Camp Announces its 4th Great Season in 2016


The Florida Minor League Camp is ready to receive applications for its 4th great year as the nation’s best “instruction based” off season program designed to get you better for the upcoming 2016 minor league season. The Florida Minor League Camp which runs from January 30th through February 10th, is beneficial not only to players that need a job, but for players currently under contract that want to upgrade their skills while being scouted on site by MLB teams to land an affiliated job.

The Florida Minor League Camp has gotten over 65% of its attendees jobs the last two years in five different Independent Leagues as well as affiliated MLB teams. The design of this camp is to instruct and be evaluated by some of the best past and current MLB players, scouts, trainers, and coaches in the game.

The list of instructors, MLB scouts and guest instructors over the last 3 years include Bucky Dent, David Eckstein, Dave Cash, Curis Granderson, Rick Eckstein, Marv Foley, Jamie Bane, Brian Peterson, Greg Riddoch, Andy Barkett, Chris Carminucci and Mark Brewer to name just a few, giving you the greatest value for your hard earned money.

This camp is designed for a very limited number to ensure the success that each player will have, learning, playing, and benefitting from, this amazing off season experience.

For further information please call 813-926-7622. Do not delay so you won’t get shutout of this once in a lifetime opportunity. I will personally see you to it will leave us better in all facets of your game then when you arrived. This is my promise to you.

Nick Belmonte

Owner/Director Florida Minor League Camp

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Nick Belmonte’s track record of getting kid’s jobs in pro ball is outstanding

“Nick Belmonte’s track record of getting kid’s jobs in pro ball is outstanding” – Brian O’Connor 2015 College World series Champion coach University of Virginia


If you want to meet great human being

“If you want to meet great human being, a great teacher of the game, and have a great experience, you have to get yourself to Nick Belmonte’s Florida Minor League Camp. This is a tremendous value for your Career.” – …


Nick Belmonte helped me get started in my pro career

Nick Belmonte helped me get started in my pro career when I wasn’t drafted in ’93. I definitely recommend those that have the dream I had back then, attend this Florida Minor league Camp and let him help you start …