Jackie HernandezPittsburgh, California, KC, and Minnesota

9 year Major League career

Jackie had a nine year Major League career as a shortstop with Pittsburgh, California, KC, and Minnesota. All you have to know about Jackie is, in the ninth inning of game 7 of the ’71 World Series as the shortstop for the Pirates, glided to his left behind second base, cut off a grounder up the middle at the edge of the outfield grass, planted his feet, and fired to first base and the Pirates won the World Series. One of the greatest people you will ever meet, Jackie will be on hand to work with infielders.

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“In terms of improving your 5 tools and knowledge of the game as a player, there is no better environment to do so than the Florida Minor League Camp. As an outfielder, my defense, arm strength, base stealing, base running, noticely improved immediately due to the techniques and experiences from Nick Belmonte. The knowledge that each and every instructor provides on a daily basis, is priceless.”,,, Reese Alexiades Pioneer League star outfielder 2022 Ogden Raptors

Reese Alexiades

“Had a blast at the Florida Minor League Camp. Thank you for keeping us motivated(the non drafted and released guys) and showing us there’s still hope in our careers. We learned a lot and it is much appreciated” , Juan Texiera star outfielder of the 2022 Boise Hawks.

Juan Texiera

“It was an absolute awesome experience. I learned so much about the game and what separates being good from great. The camp was amazing and I recommend it to anyone who was in my situation of not be drafted out of college”, Pioneer League star infielder Kevin Higgins of the 2022 Northern Colorado Owlz.

Kevin Higgins

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